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Pineapple Beef Stir Fry

On the menu is a simple Chinese food recipe- WildFit Summer season, but general population friendly. If you are tired of multiple dish meals don’t worry- this (nearly) one pot wonder is simple to prepare, and only takes a bit of marinating time, chopping and stir frying. Enjoy this colourful, flavourful recipe tonight!

WildFit Pad Thai

Thai food may be one of your busy work night take out options- but you might also experience the guilt and indigestion that goes with eating greasy, sugar and chemical laden food. The solution is here! A delicious Spring Approved Pad Thai that is ready in less than a half hour and packs major nutrition. Heavy and rich enough to feel like a full meal and an excellent meal prep staple to add to the rotation.

BBQ Chicken Casserole

We associate them with a cozy, family feeling on cold, rainy evenings. We salivate seeing them warm and bubbling out of the oven, and we simply love the convenience. Casseroles have a place as a staple food in many cultures. Lasagna, mac & cheese, enchiladas, or the classic tuna, these recipes have been passed down because they let you stretch food as far as possible and they can be assembled ahead of time.

Coconut Lime Paletas

Summer calls for a refreshing treat but all conventional ones are far too sweet! Enter the simple and sophisticated paleta, a traditional Mexican dessert that is all natural and so delicious.

How To Live WildFit With Kids

“But what about my kids? How can I make them eat healthier?” Taking away refined sugar and junk food from their diet can lead to an open rebellion. With that said, there are strategies you can use to make things a lot easier.

How I Tried to Eat Myself to Death – An Interview with Lucas Steeves

Have you ever been at a place in your life where everything seems so hopeless that you just want to give it all up? In November 2017 Lucas had hit rock bottom. He gave himself a deadline; either turn his life by Christmas or end it.

WildFit is so much more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

So often we have community members who approach us after they’ve completed WildFit. “I have lower blood sugar”, “my joint pain is gone”, “I no longer suffer from depression”, “my energy is through the roof”, and the list goes on and on.

How to Overcome Summertime Social Pressures

Summertime, and the eating is… stressful! How can that be? So many fantastic barbecues, parties, weddings, road trips and adventures should equal tons of fun, but that isn’t always the case when you’re watching your weight and trying to stay healthy.

Emotional Eating

Did you know that humans can see anywhere between 2 and 7 million different colours, or that we can hear about 350 000 different tones? Smell however, is a little bit more difficult to measure.

Alignment with our Hardware may be the Key to Vitality

Very few would argue that we are quite different from ancient, primal humans. After all, everything in our world has changed, from how we live and work to how we communicate. The speed at which the human world of technology moves is exponential comparable to our cave dwelling ancestors and their hand carved stone tools.

Why “Eat Less Move More” Is A Ridiculous Approach To Weight Loss

If we want to release weight, the common advice is to eat less and move more. I believe that this advice can be nominated to be one of the worst advice given the last century.

Workouts You Can Do At The Office

In this day and age humans are often confined to their desks. People are living incredibly sedentary lifestyles, as they are sitting at a desk for around 8 hours a day, and they average another 7 hours of sleeping. This can lead to weight gain, depression, loss of muscle tone and back and neck pain.

Welcome to the blog.

I am so pleased and thankful that you are here. 

I hope to be able to inspire you, by sharing stories about balancing our busy lives with a WildFit approved, clean eating lifestyle.  Here you will find recipes, tips, recommendations, stories and just plain ‘ole honesty about how I do my best to Live WildFit everyday, for myself, for my clients and for my family.



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